Bedroom with kind size bed

Pelourinho III, estúdio no Funchal

Studio in Funchal, Madeira

  • 2-4 People
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 30m²

This one-bedroom apartment sleeping two is a perfect escape from the buzz of the city below. It is decorated in a homely, contemporary style.

Bedroom with kind size bed
Bedroom with kind size bed
Livingroom with bed sofa
Livingroom and dining area
Livingroom and dining area
Bedroom with king size bed
View from the window
Bedroom with king size bed
Bathroom with wc and shower
Map - Location
Map - Location

The Space

  • Accommodates: 2-4
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Property Type: Studio
  • Check-in: 16:00
  • Check-out: 12:00


  • 24 Hour Check-in
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  • Air Conditioning
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.alarm_clock
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.antiquing
  • Baby bath
  • Baby crib
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.baby_monitor
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.bathroom_step_free_access
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.bathroom_wide_doorway
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.bay
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.beach
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.beach_view
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.bedroom_wide_doorway
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.bird_watching
  • Blender
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.cleaning_products
  • Coffee Maker
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.common_space_wide_doorway
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  • Essentials
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.fence_around_pool
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.fireplace_guards
  • First Aid Kit
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  • Freezer
  • Fridge
  • Full Equipped Kitchen
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.grab_rails_in_shower
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.grab_rails_in_toilet
  • Hair Dryer
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  • Highchair
  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.hiking
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.ice_skating
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  • Internet
  • Iron
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  • Kettle
  • Kids Friendly
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.lake
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  • Laptop Friendly Workspace
  • Linen Towels
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  • Long Term Rentals Available
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  • Microwave
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  • No single-use plastic
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.rural
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  • Satellite Or Cable
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  • Smoking Forbidden
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  • Information about property sustainability
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  • Toaster
  • Towels changed upon request
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  • Tv
  • Ventilator
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  • translation missing: en.activerecord.attributes.amenity.wardrobe
  • Waste Sorting
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  • Work Desk


22 Reviews 9 Countries
4.41 / 5 4.41/5
  1. bom apartamento, bem situado e a Madeira com excelentes paisagens e excelente gastronomia

    bom apartamento, bem situado e a Madeira com excelentes paisagens e excelente gastronomia

    April 2015

  2. 4/5
    April 2015

  3. 4/5
    June 2015

  4. It was an amazing experiance to stay in that apartment. Excelent place to visit.

    It was an amazing experiance to stay in that apartment. Excelent place to visit.

    July 2015

  5. 4/5
    January 2016

  6. 5/5
    January 2016

  7. Great place to stay for weekend away. Location is perfect, room spacious, hot shower, comfortabl...

    Great place to stay for weekend away. Location is perfect, room spacious, hot shower, comfortable bed. Would stay here again! Note - pillows on bed are not very comfortable, however there are much better pillows in cupboard (we only discovered them when we were checking out:))

    February 2016

  8. 5/5
    February 2016

  9. 4/5
    March 2016

  10. 5/5
    March 2016

  11. The apartment is well located in the heart of Funchal in a peaceful street. It is recent and very...

    The apartment is well located in the heart of Funchal in a peaceful street. It is recent and very bright thanks to large bay windows (which is more a drawback during the summer period, see below). King size bed is very comfortable. But this small studio is not suitable for a 4 persons family contrary the announcement: the second bed (sofa bed) is not comfortable (it had not been prepared although we had booked for 4), there are only 2 chairs, the kitchen equipment is limited (only 3 glasses), the fridge is quite small. It is definitively not a place to cook. The apartment is quite impersonal, since it is not directly rent by the owner, but through an agency. Above all the apartment is quite hot (a t least in summer) due to bad isolation (black metal window structures) and poor adaptation to local climate (direct sun radiation on bay windows). As a consequence, air conditioning has to be used almost continuously, which is not healthy and noisy in a so small room. Sound insulation, specially in the bathroom, is limed since you can hear speaking the occupants of the apartment below. Conclusion: only recommended for the short stay of a couple, with meals taken outside.

    August 2016

  12. Bom apartamento

    Bom apartamento, o isolamento sonoro é muito mau, ouve se tudo de um andar para o outro. A cozinha é minúscula mas tem o essencial. O quarto e sala é na mesma divisória.

    November 2016

  13. Amazing apartment

    Its Just in the city center. Very nice clean and confurtable place. The people very friendly and helpful. Amazing experience

    November 2016

  14. Paul G

    Excellent apartment, great communication also, perfect location to everything supermarket bus station old town marina it just do it !

    January 2017

  15. Bem localizado

    Apartamento com as condições necessárias, faltando apenas um extrator na kichenette. Simpatia da Marta, quem gere o apartamento. Bem localizado.

    April 2017

  16. Top

    Super appart' tres bien placé toute commodités à côté Idéal

    May 2017

  17. Estadia no Funchal

    A Estadia foi óptima , apartamento com todas as comodidades . Cozinha pouco funcional para quem precisa de cozinhar. Adorámos o apartamento .

    May 2017

  18. Hugo

    Hi. Found it to be very comfortable and central to every thing, will definitely recommend this place to everyone.

    December 2017

  19. Very nice apartment!

    We really enjoyed our stay! Everything was clean - we can definitely recommend it!

    August 2018

  20. Beautiful place!

    Wonderful apartments! In the heart of the city. Beautiful view from the window. The kitchen has everything you need and more. Excellent accommodation for families with children. We really enjoyed living in this place.

    January 2019

  21. Maria Luísa Cipriano

    Expensive compared to hotel prices. 3rd floor without lift. The WC is minimum. The place is very central

    May 2019

  22. Wonderful

    Beautiful apartment, clean, comfortable. Very good location, right in the center. Near the farmers market and a supermarket, 10 minutes to the beach.

    July 2019

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